Transfer Rules

Manitoba U18 AAA Hockey League Transfer Rules

Release After Training Camp. Any U18 eligible player who attends the training camp of his home-region Team and is released, or is not carded by his home-region Team by the commencement of the League, is eligible to try-out for any other Team.

3rd Year Players. A 3rd year U18 player is eligible to try-out for a Team outside his home-region IF (1) he was released by his home-region Team in his 2nd year of eligibility and (2) he played within his home-region for a lower division team (i.e. U17, High School, Club) in his 2nd year of eligibility. The Release obtained in his 2nd year is sufficient for his 3rd year. Player Release – 3rd Year

Transfer from an Open Zone. Where a region does not operate a U18 AAA Team, only 3 players from that region will be permitted to play for any one team (See Hockey Manitoba Regulation 59a)

Releases. A Release cannot be withheld by the Team or Region (if the player meets the criteria). The Player must present the Release prior to any on- or off-ice activity with the other Team

Player Release – General