Suspension Rules

Hockey Canada Minimum Suspension Guidelines


By-Law 27 – Penalty Minutes and Misconducts:
(a) Accumulated PIMS: Any player who accumulates in excess of 100 minutes in penalties shall incur an automatic suspension using the following formula:

  • In excess of 100 minutes (101 minutes) = 1 game suspension
  1. Each additional 25 minutes over 100 minutes (126, 151, etc) = 1 game suspension.

Misconducts and Game Misconducts:

  • On 4th Misc. a player shall receive a one (1) game suspension;
  • On 5th Misc. a player shall receive a one (1) game suspension;
  • On 6th Misc. a player shall receive a two (2) game suspension;
  • On 7th Misc. a player shall be suspended indefinitely until his case is revised, but will be suspended for no less than three (3) games.

(b) Use of ineligible player or team official: Any team using an ineligible player or official shall forfeit all games in which such ineligible person was used and the coach(es) responsible for the offence shall be automatically suspended. There will also be a minimum $200.00 fine. Ineligible players include: suspended players, players over maximum penalty minutes or misconduct totals, players over the maximum affiliate player games, players not rostered properly plus any other reason a player is deemed ineligible.

Fighting Suspensions:

  • 1 game for first offence;
  • 2 games for second offence;
  • 3 games for third offence;
  • Players receiving a fourth fighting penalty will be suspended indefinitely

Multiple Fights in Same Stoppage of Play: See By-Law 27
Automatic one game suspension for all involved (this is in addition to any other suspensions the player may incur due to the accumulation of penalty minutes, time of the incident, etc.)

By-Law 28 – Major Penalties
Should a player incur a major penalty and game misconduct for any offence, at any time in the game, the player will be suspended for one game. Should this occur in the last 10 minutes or overtime, then the player would incur a second game suspension (same as the hit from behind rule).

By-Law 29 – Suspension due to Match.
A team shall lose one spot on its 20-man roster for each player who is sitting out a suspension due to a match penalty. The spot will be reinstated upon the completion of the suspension or a loss of that specific spot for three games, whichever comes first. Note: this means that if a player has been suspended for five (5) games, the team can only dress 19 players until the team has played three (3) games since the date of the infraction.

By-Law 30 – Double Header Games
In double header games, (which are defined as consecutive games played by the same teams on the same weekend with the same home team), players suspended may not be replaced by affiliate players.

By-Law 31 – Suspensions to be served in league play.
Any player suspended in league play must serve the full suspension during league play in addition to any suspension in accordance with the Hockey Canada rules.

By-Law 32 – Affiliate Players.
Any affiliate player who plays with a league team and is suspended in league play must serve the full suspension with the league team he is affiliated with, in addition to any suspension he must sit out with the team he is registered with in accordance with the Hockey Manitoba Rules.


Checking from Behind (Rule 6.4): 5. A minor penalty for hitting from behind before the last 10 minutes of a game results in a two minute penalty and game misconduct. The player is eligible to play in his team’s next game. A major penalty for hitting from behind automatically results in a five-minute penalty and a game misconduct plus a one game suspension. A minor penalty for hitting from behind in the last 10 minutes of a hockey game results in a two-minute penalty and game misconduct, therefore, the penalized player must sit out his/her teams next regular season game.

Game Misconduct (Rule 4.8): 13. In Minor and Female Hockey, in the last ten minutes of a game (regular playing time including overtime), any player or team official who is assessed a Game Misconduct shall automatically be suspended for a minimum of the next regular league/play-off game. A total of ten minutes shall be charged in the records against the penalized player for a Game Misconduct.

Second or Subsequent Game Misconduct (Same Game): 14. A Player or Team Official receiving a second and/or subsequent game misconduct penalty in the same game must serve a game suspension for second and subsequent game misconduct penalties in the same game.

Gross Misconduct (Rule 4.9): 2 games for first offence; 3-5 games for second offence.


Accumulating Majors: Multiple majors for Boarding, Charging, Checking from Behind, Head Contract, Kneeing, Cross-Checking, or Slashing

(a) Any player receiving 2 majors (of the above-listed) in same season will receive an additional 2 game suspension

(b) Any player receiving 3 majors (of the above-listed) in same season will receive an additional 4 game suspension

(c) Any player receiving 4 majors (of the above-listed) in same season will receive an indefinite suspension pending a hearing.